Original Perspective, LLC

Renée K Williams-Erwin

Teaching Artist

Talk/Text: 215-939-6892

Email: renee@original-perspective.com

May 2020


My name is Renee Williams-Erwin and I am a teaching artist, & the owner of Original Perspective, LLC. I am the Director of After-School Art Club!, & Multi-Media Art Program!.

Places you can explore on this site:     

After-School Art Club!:  GREAT Student Artworks!

Multi-Media Art Program!: Cancelled due to COVID

Portfolios:  Pet Portraits, Murals, Decorative Arts.

Bio & Contact Info:  A synopsis of what I’ve been up to over the past 29 years and all the great ways to get in touch.

YouTube: Subscribe to my new channel! I will be uploading fun elementary art drawing lessons to keep the creative connection going!

Works contained within this site are ©Renée K. Williams-Erwin 2020

Click here to download Elephant step-by-step